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Leather Repair & Restoration Kits

You’ve come to the home of Australia’s premier leather care and repair products. Combining the world’s best science with organic, natural ingredients, our products make caring for your leather upholstery safe, easy and affordable. 

DIY Repair, Recolour & Dye Kits

Absolute best sellers

Leather Hero pigments or paints are full strength and pro-grade – no stripped-back, watered-down formulations. We send you the same products we use for our service clients. They are water-based, self-levelling, fast-drying and render a beautiful factory finish.

Customisable Repair & Recolour Kits

Got a small job? Go for the Mini or Small Repair Kit.

Want to restore your painted leather lounge? Check out the Large Repair Kit.

Essential Leather Care Kits

Pro-grade products used by the professionals

You can do it. No tools, just the right products and a couple of hours and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner

Up for a DIY project? Our extensive range of customisable DIY kits includes pro-grade products for pro-grade results. With Australia’s largest range of colours, a custom colour mixing service, instructions, support and a kit for every job, it really is easy to match and restore your leather.

The Recolour Process – It’s so easy!

1 . Clean & Surface Prep

Spray, scrub and wipe then lightly scuff the surface using super-fine sandpaper. Clean the dirt you can see and the dirt you can’t. Lasting results start with good surface prep. It’s important to remove soiling, silicones, waxes and oils

2 . Prime

Priming promotes optimum adhesion between the leather and the new coatings. Super easy to apply, you simply sponge it on evenly. It penetrates partially and dries quickly. Some kits on the market leave this step out which, we think, undermines a quality result

3. Colour

Could it be any easier? Just apply a couple of coats using a sponge allowing drying between each one. Self-levelling, the paint dries darker than when wet

4. Topcoat

You know the drill. Apply by sponge in long even strokes. The topcoat delivers desirable protection to the colour coatings and improved wear resistance. Two thorough coats are recommended.

Compare our kits with others on the market

When your pigmented leather was originally created, it was primed, coloured and then top-coated. Each product plays a role in creating a beautiful and enduring finish. You can replicate this process using Leather Hero pro-grade products. When comparing Repair Kits in the marketplace, make sure to check that leather Primer and Topcoat are included. Leather Paint alone, adds colour but may not give maximum durability.

  • Paint sticks but it sticks better to a primed surface. Paint wears well but it wears better when you give it a clear protective shield or topcoat
  • Short-cuts can backfire: self-priming formulations can’t give optimum results as primer and paint do two different things
  • Not all leather paints are equal – beware watered down formulations missing the crucial ingredients that make leather paint durable

Bring dirty, worn and damaged
leather back to its best

From cleaning to cosmetic repairs, restoring colour to changing colour, rejuvenate your leather furniture bringing it back to its best

Luxury handbags, vintage pieces and all manner of other leather purses can be treated to remove mould, stains and replenish tired finishes

Accidents happen and time takes it’s toll. Repair minor damage, cover stains and restore worn colour

And parts; steering wheels, console lids and other things leather and vinyl. Turn back the effects of time by repairing and refinishing the surface

Fix damage, clean, nourish and replace worn and stained leather and vinyl finishes

Mould, stains and scuffs can be eliminated and the leather colour and finish beautifully restored. The difference is incredible

Why restore your leather?

Exposed leather is highly porous, easily taking in body and hair oil, perspiration, spills and soiling. Refinishing it with new coatings not only restores the aesthetics but also builds a protective shield against contaminants which helps it last longer. The keys to leather that looks great as it ages are regular care and periodic coatings maintenance.

  • Easy – you can do it! No experience necessary
  • Just sponge, brush or spray it on
  • Dries fast; allows you to work quickly
  • Costs much less than you think and far less than buying new
  • Pro-grade products – excellent rub-test results
  • No/low odour, water-based, biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Protect your floor and work on your lounge right where it is 
  • Custom colour mixing service 

Don’t think you can do it? Look what this customer achieved!

“…gave me a perfect result

“Thanks … for all your advice on how I could restore my badly faded aniline leather couch. After a good clean followed by the Dye#29 and a final coat of Restoration Cream#32, both of which you colour matched…the couch is now back to its original colour looking almost good as new”  
David O’F
Perth, WA

Huge range of colours

Select from our vast range of pre-mixed colours or blend them to mix your own

What they are saying…

“Your product is fantastic”

“… I ordered another bottle this morning. Very happy”
Annette V
Collaroy, NSW

“Absolute genius”

“Way better than we ever thought possible, our leather couches were worn, dirty and very tired and now look amazing! Great job, great service, great communication”
Narrabeen, NSW

“Thank you for your help and a great product”

“I have to say it got rid of mum’s hair dye on the handle of our new beige leather lounge”
Ashley Farah
Greystaines, NSW

Choosing the Right Repair Kit

There are 2 types of repair kits and a few different size options. Kits provide all the gear you need at a great bundle price. Depending on your job, one type may be more suitable than the other.

Repair Kits

Repair Kits are ideal for large or small complete refinishing projects. You can change the colour, recolour or touch-up a few scuffs or isolated sections. When covering stains, leather filler or treating leather that is very good condition, this is the way to go.

Colour Restoration Kits

Colour Restoration Kits are designed for refreshing the entire surface with the existing leather colour. When you want to give your old sofa a quick and easy make-over, Colour Restoration Kits are the answer. Coverage is semi-opaque and increases with each coat giving you lots of control. Scratches, scuffs and colour wear are dramatically minimised giving a remarkably renewed look and feel.

Customize Your Kit

With 4 kit sizes and the option to customize what’s in the box, you are sure to find the one for your job. Get what you need and nothing you don’t.

Free Trial




SAVE $17 on the

Essentials Kit

Total Retail Value $66

Average Coverage:

1 spring clean of car seats 

or 3 seater lounge or

 5 maintenance treatments

250ml Cleanse (No.1)

250ml Nourish (No.2)

250ml Protect (No.3)





SAVE $19 on the

Convenient Kit

Total Retail Value $75

Average Coverage:

1 spring clean of car seats 

or 3 seater lounge or 

5 maintenance treatments

250ml Cleanse (No.1)

250ml Nourish (No.2)

250ml Protect (No.3)

Microfibre Cloth

Applicator Sponge

Pair Gloves







SAVE $25 on the

Like A Pro Kit

Total Retail Value $101

Average Coverage:

1 - 3 spring cleans of a heavily soiled car seats or 5 - 7 seater lounge or 5-10 maintenance treatments

250ml Cleanse (No.1)

250ml Nourish (No.2)

250ml Protect (No.3)

1L Refill Cleanse (No.1)






SAVE $28 on The Works Kit

Total Retail Value $110

Average Coverage:

1 - 3 spring cleans of heavily soiled car seats or 5 -7 seater lounge or

5-10 maintenance treatments

250ml Cleanse (No.1)

250ml Nourish (No.2)

250ml Protect (No.3)

1L Refill Cleasne (No.1)

Microfibre Cloth

Applicator Sponge

Pair Gloves


How Much Paint Will You Need?

When it comes to calculating the amount of leather paint needed, there are a few variables. Here’s a coverage table to help you determine how much paint you might need.

What type of leather?

There are 5 main types of upholstery leather. Using the right products for your leather type will give you optimum results. Use our guide to determine your leather type.

Aniline & Semi-aniline


Nubuck & Suede

Waxed or Pull-Up


Fix Rips, Scratches, Cracking, Scuffs and Pet Damage

Good repairs takes thorough surface prep, leather filler and/or glue, followed by the finishing trio; primer, colourant and sealer topcoat. With the right materials and instructions on hand, it’s easy and satisfying…

Recolour & Fix Colour Problems

Car Leather Repair & Restoration - Leather Hero

Want to recolour, touch-up or restore some leather? Choose from Australia’s largest range of colours. These colours are what the professionals use. They are full strength, undiluted, easy to use and mixable.

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