Helping you

Our mission is to help demystify leather, guide leather owners towards informed buying decisions, empower DIYers to get great repair and recolouring results  and to provide quality care and maintenance products that make leather look amazing and last longer.  Another inspiration for this sharing of information is our desire to play a part in reducing waste. It’s our hope that by helping leather owners maximise the viable life of their possessions, we can reduce the fast consumption to waste cycle that results in mountains of landfill.  

Making Leather Care Easy

Leather isn’t like anything else. It’s inherent warmth, texture, touch and aesthetic is pure luxury. Buying leather, whether it’s a sofa, a jacket or car seats, is a premium choice with the potential to deliver years, even decades of superior service. Most buyers start out with a strong intention to maintain it faithfully. Yet, often this falls by the wayside. Why? One reason has to be that life gets in the way. Another reason and one we hear often is that they were unsure of what to do and what to use. That spurs us to create useful leather information, to fill in the knowledge gaps and give other leather owners the know-how and confidence they need to be their own leather hero.

Real Life Experience & Science on Our Side

Our information comes from real-life hands-on experience, shared information from our network of leather industry professionals, and access to scientific research and development. 

Our Range

Our kits are designed to meet the most typical needs of the many and varied jobs that crop up. We aim to offer a solution for every project, all types of leather and all aesthetics. 

It’s good to remember that there is not one leather, one tannery or one type of leather finish. Quality and durability vary dramatically. New techniques, finishes and styles continue to emerge, as do new, cleaner and greener ways of caring and fixing leather.

Share With Us

It might be a little bit ‘old school’ but for the sake of your wallet and the planet, let us inspire you to care for your things and repair before replacing.  We invite you to share your success stories and send your photos to hang in our Customer Before & After Gallery