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Custom Colour Mixing Service

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Custom Colour Mixing Service

Need some help with your colour? Send us a sample/swatch and we'll mix it for you. To receive a custom mixed colour you need to purchase 2 items:

  1. the products you need (colourant or kit) and
  2. this service 

Minimum order quantity

This service is available for orders containing a minimum of 1 Litre of the same colour.  

Sample/swatch size

A minimum 10cm x 10cm  sample/swatch of your leather/colour is required. 

The process

  1. Use the resources on this website to determine which products you want
  2. In one order, order the products and this service
  3. Post your sample/swatch to Leather Hero Pty Ltd, PO Box 401, Mona Vale NSW 1660
  4. Once we receive your sample, we'll mix your colour then dispatch your order

Important details

  • This listing is for a service - it does not include any products
  • Purchase 1 colourant and 1 service for each colour you require 
  • Available for Leather Paint, Colour Cream, Aniline Dye Stain and colour kits
  • The service fee is flat rate per colour (one fee regardless of volume; 1, 2 or 3 litres)
  • Swatches must be monochromatic/one colour. They cannot be bi-tone or tri-tone (2 or 3 colours giving a mottled effect) 
  • Swatches should be representative of the colour you want. If your swatch is clean and your leather is discoloured, the colour we mix may seem too light or bright
  • If your swatch does not meet our criteria (eg: too small, bi-tone, paper etc) we will do the best we can with what you give us. Any revisions will be at your expense
  • Your swatch will be returned with your order. It will be used to test colours so will not be in the same condition
  • Normal delivery times do not apply to custom mixed orders

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