How to choose a leather protector

Unlike our clothing or dishes, we can't pop our car seats or sofa into a washing machine to clean away dirt and grime. Instead, we do it manually. Wouldn't it wonderful if there was a way of reducing soiling so that cleaning could be easier? Let's take a look at the various ways of protecting leather from soiling, stains and UV.

Compare leather protectors

There are different levels and types of leather protection.


Whilst the primary job of a leather conditioner is to moisturise and maintain suppleness, regular use delivers the subtle side effects of spill and stain resistance. Each of Leather Hero's conditioners offer a degree of natural spill resistance.

Apply leather conditioner after cleaning and before protecting with Protect (No.3) every 3 months or as needed.


This is the go-to leather protector for most applications. It is suitable for use on almost every piece of leather (with the exception of a small percentage of pure anilines).

The effects of this product include anti-soiling properties and a degree of stain protection. It inhibits the absorption of transferred dye from clothing and ink accidents, it makes cleaning easier and contains a UV protector which in turn, helps to reduce dryness and therefore helps to prevent cracks and tears.

Protect (No.3) is an easy to apply, invisible wipe-on cream. Silicone free, it is ideal for cars and furnishings and leather that is exposed to UV light. The finish is satiny.

Water Repellent

This type of protector is suitable for use on most leathers including some anilines. It is an invisible wipe-on liquid coating that repels spills and therefore helps to prevent stains. When it is reapplied regularly (say, every 3 - 6 months after cleaning), leather enjoys ongoing water repellence.

The finish is low sheen. If you want shine, a shinier conditioner can be used over Water Repellent (No.23). This product can be applied over Topcoat (No.7) and before your preferred conditioner and Protect (No.3).


Topcoat (No.7) is not a 'protector' in the same sense as the others. Unlike the other 3 treatments, it is a film coating that adheres to the surface. Formulated for advanced physical properties or 'rub-resistance', it is designed to protect colour coatings, and make cleaning easier. It instates a physical barrier to spills and soiling. When manufacturered , most leathers have a clear topcoat applied.

Before applying, the surface must be prepped with strong cleaner (Spot & Prep (No.4)) and keyed with sandpaper. Once cured, Water Repellent (No.23), Conditioner and Protect (No.3) can be applied for maximum effect.

Potent staining agents

Take extra care to avoid :

- Staining food and drinks that contain potent natural pigments (eg, tumeric, beetroot, red wine) and artificial colours that can cause permanent stains unless cleaned immediately.

- Indelible markers.

- Dyes. They are stains that penetrate rapidly and irreversibly.