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Protect (No.3)

An invisible, breathable anti-soiling barrier and UV protecting shield for your leather.

  • Invisible anti-soiling shield
  • UV barrier that helps to reduce fading and dryness
  • Leather stays cleaner for longer
  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Reduces the chance of stains forming
  • Easy to apply wipe on lotion
  • Inhibits the absorption of damaging body oils and perspiration
  • Formulated for pigmented leathers (painted/coated) and can be used on other types
  • Silicone free

A physical barrier that repels soiling and UV

Like leather 'insurance', Protect (No.3) provides a physical barrier between grime (dirt, clothing dyes, body oil and perspiration) and your leather. It also helps to protect against the damaging and fading effects of UV light.

Use regularly

Apply regularly after cleaning and conditioning to help maintain the beauty and longevity of your leather.

Most leathers

Suitable for use on most leathers. Use it on furniture, motor-cycle jackets, car seats, boat upholstery and sneakers. If you have white and light coloured leathers, this product could be your new best friend. 

Designed for pigmented (painted/coated) leathers such as car seats, vinyls and monochromatic furniture leathers, this product can also be suitable for use on most other types of leather. Test before use in an inconspicuous area.

125ml: 2 x front car seats plus console and dashboard, 1 x armchair or recliner, a few footware and apparel treatments

250ml: 1 or more 3-5 seater sofa treatments

500ml: Lots of sofa or car treaments

1L: Multiple large treatments

2L: Multiple large treatments

3L: Multiple large treatments

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Before applying Leather Protector Protect (No.3):

1) Vacuum to remove any dust and grit from the surface and crevices

2) Clean with Cleanse (No.1) until leather is free of soiling, body oils, and perspiration, following the Directions for Use provided on the Cleanse (No.1) web-page, packaging and the How To tab

When the leather is clean:

3) Pour a generous amount of Protect (No.3) onto a clean, dry or just-damp microfibre cloth. Squeeze to incorporate throughout the cloth

4) Wipe over one area at a time until all areas have been treated

5) Repeat every 3 months or so as part of your regular leather care regime

Note: Leather conditioner can be applied before Protect (No.3)

Ideal for: protecting leather against soiling and the effects of UV light. Helps leather stay cleaner for longer and makes cleaning easier

Use with: Leather cleaner Cleanse (No.1) and leather conditioner Nourish (No.2) or Nubuck, Suede & Aniline Nourish (No.11)

Application schedule: Apply evey 3 months or so. Can be used more frequently on leather in high traffic environments

Application method: Best applied by hand using a microfibre cloth and a wiping technique

Best accessories: A white microfibre cloth

Instructions: On the labels, Directions for Use tab, Tips and under the How To tab in main menu

Drying time: Typically, a few minutes. Exposed, porous leather may take longer to dry

Time before use: Wait until the leather feels dry to touch

Available in kits: Yes


Regualr use produces best results

Can be lightly buffed to render a subtle shine. For shinier results, see Waxy Nourish (No.9)

Maintain a cloth for leather proection treatments. After use, launder then store with the bottle of Protect (No.3)

Test before use: Always test products in an inconspicuous area first. There are many makers of leather and leather coatings and whilst most are to standard, there may be some that are not

Storage: Lid on tight and away from direct UV light and heat (in a cool dark cupboard). Avoid contaminating the contents with baterial sources including skin

UV faded aniline leather

The invisible shield you always wanted

Quick and easy to apply


Makes cleaning easier

Protects against UV damage

Reduces fading of dyed leathers such as anilines

Buys you some time to wipe up spills

Invisible to the eye

White leather never looked so good

Soiling happens. Protect (No.3) helps to reduce the cleaning burden by making it hard for dirt, dyes and spills to stick.

Apply regularly after cleaning and conditioning to make cleaning easier and to ward off stains.

Compare our Protectors

This protector is suitable for use on most leathers including some anilines. It is a wipe-on cream that forms an invisible anti-soiling barrier with UV protection. It makes cleaning easier and also slows the absorbtion of spills to buy you time to grab a cloth and cleaner. It is reapplied every 3 months after cleaning and conditioning. Ideal for cars and furnishings and leather that is exposed to UV light. The finish is satiny.

Protect (No.3) can be used over Topcoat (No.7) and Water Repellent (No.23).

This protector is suitable for use on most leathers including some anilines. It is a wipe-on coating that repels spills and helps to prevent stains. It is reapplied every 3 - 6 months after cleaning. Ideal for cars, furnishings, apparel, footwear and leather that is exposed to splashes. The finish is low sheen. If you want shine, a shinier conditioner can be used over Water Repellent (No.23).

Can be applied over Topcoat (No.7) and before your preferred conditioner and Protect (No.3).

Check out Water Repellent (No.23) HERE.

This is a clear leather coating that is designed to seal and protect leather and colour coatings. It has high rub resisitence and therefore plays a role in extending the durability of colour coatings. It seals dyes to minimise the risk of dye transfer on to skin and clothing. It improves cleanability, slows the absorbtion of spills and therefore reduces the risk of stains.

Available in Matte, Satin, Gloss, and High Gloss. Correct surface prep is vital to durable results.

It can be used under Water Repellent (No.23) and Protect (No.3) (in that order).

Check out Topcoat (No.7) HERE.

All conditioners add a minor element of protection against dryness, spills, water marks and stains when used regularly.

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