Leather Surface Filler & Glue Kit

Repair surface damage with this leather filler and leather glue kit.  

Leather Hero; Australia's Premier Leather Care & Repair Company

Ideal for correcting surface wear, cracks and scratches in leather, even cat scratches can be bonded, filled and smoothed with this great twin pack. 

The glue dries clear. Apply leather filller in thin layers and sand to smooth when cured. Finish your repairs with our leather finishing system of primer, colour and topcoat (available separately and in kits) to blend, conceal and make the damage disappear. 

Leather Hero's leather repair products are Australian made and owned.

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Professional Grade
Easy To Use
Water Based
Ozone Friendly
Non Toxic
Made & Owned in Australia
Recyclable Container


Leather Hero; Australia's Premier Supplier of Leather Care & Repair Products

Super strong and highly flexible, Leather Hero's Fill (No.14) 20gm and Glue (No.15) 20gm make a dynamic duo. They are also water-based, air drying, sandable and so easy to use.

Every repair is different and this twin pack gives you the two essential tools for refixing, bonding, filling and smoothing all sorts of damaged leather. Restore leather car seats, your leather couch and any other surface imperfections.

Leather Glue (No.14) is perfect for repairing nicks and scratches, bonding loose tags of leather, cuts and pet damage on furniture. Re-fix loose straps, edges and linings on handbags, wallets and steering wheels. Leather Hero Glue (No.16) provides a strong bond with flexibility.

Leather Filler (No.15) is white and dries white. It's ideal for filling holes, pet damage, scratches and scuffs. Whilst remaining flexible, it's also sandable. This means you can achieve a smooth finish before recolouring.

Suitable for

  • Finished leathers
  • Man-made leathers
  • May be used on unfinished leathers if planning to recolour with opaque pigments

Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 5 cm
Master Colours

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Directions & Tips


  1. Clean the area of soiling, grease and loose particles then allow drying
  2. Apply glue to all surfaces you wish to make stick
  3. Position all surfaces correctly and wipe away any excess glue
  4. Hold glued areas in position firmly for a few minutes or as long as required. The more glue used, the longer the drying time
  5. When dry, the area can be sanded before being recoloured
  1. Load some filler to the back of a palette knife
  2. With light pressure, draw the filler across the repair site so that a thin layer is pushed into any cavities
  3. Allow drying before applying further layers as needed
  4. When all areas have been filled and dried, achieve a smooth finish by gently sanding with fine-grit sandpaper (400-800)
  5. Wipe area free of dust before colouring


  • White filler can be tinted using leather paint and dyes. Recolouring is required to conceal the treated area
  • Apply in thin layers
  • Air dry in approximately 1 hour or use a hairdryer or heat gun at 30cm to promote faster curing
  • Best suited to scuffs, cat scratches, nicks and concealing joins
  • Wash up in water
  • Keep airtight
  • Masking tape can be used to hold surfaces together whilst the glue dries. Ensure excess glue is wiped away whilst wet to avoid ridgelines along the tape edges
  • A heat source can be used to speed drying, eg a hairdryer, air heater or heat gun. Take care as glue. leather finish, leather and vinyl can burn
  • Glueing can be done in stages. For holes, start at the deepest level and work your way to the surface allowing the due to dry in stages




Sizes & Coverage


  • 10gm - available in kits
  • 20gm



Fill Coverage Chart

Treat coverage estimates as a guide only. Your requirements may differ. Variables impacting product coverage include the type and condition of the leather, fill depth as well as process and application methods.


"Leather Hero was highly recommended and for good reason, incredible result. Thanks"


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