Leather Paint Master Set 10ml x 5

A universe of colours is at your fingertips with this set of leather colours

Leather Hero; Australia's Premier Leather Care & Repair Company

Mix together or add them to your base colour to create a matching or exciting new shade for your project.

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Professional Grade
Easy To Use
Water Based
Ozone Friendly
Non Toxic
Made & Owned in Australia
Recyclable Container


Leather Hero Colour (No.6). is a professional-grade, opaque, waterbased pigment specifically designed for colouring, recolouring or changing the colour of leather and vinyl.

Formulated for commercial use, these pigments are what the professionals use. Now you can enjoy expert results too. Use these master tinters to mix an endless array of unique colours or add them to your base colour to achieve a perfect colour match.

Apply by hand, paintbrush, sponge or spray gun in thin coats; no globby painted look, just a beautiful factory finish.

Last years shoes can be this year's colour. Go creative crazy with your op-shop fashion finds. Finally, fix up that colour wear on your car seats. Rub a bald patch into your leather sofa? Re-colour it with Colour (No.6).

Suitable for

  • Finished leathers
  • Man-made leathers.
  • May be used on aniline leather if an opaque colour change is desired

Additional information

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Directions & Tips

Use these tints to adjust your main colour to the desired colour for your job.

How to Mix Your Colour

  • Start with the colour that is closest to your needs. This is your base colour
  • Assess which tint or tints will be needed to achieve your desired colour
  • For small batches, add one or more drops of tint to the base colour. For larger batches, you can pour a few mls at a time.
  • Shake for 1 second to mix
  • In an inconspicuous place, apply a thumbnail-sized dot of colour
  • Allow to dry or dry with a hairdryer at 30cm distance
  • Assess and adjust your colour using the same process until you have achieved a match or found your ideal colour
  • Clean off your test spots with Spot & Prep (No.4) within an hour

Colouring - 4 Simple Steps

  1. Clean and prep the leather with Spot & Prep (No.4)
  2. Optimise adhesion between the leather and the new coatings with Prime (No.5)
  3. Colour with Colour (No.6)
  4. Seal to protect the new colour coats from wear and tear with Topcoat (No.7) 


  • Use our Custom Colour Mixing Service if you need help with your colour
  • Dulling Agent may be added to Colour to reduce the level of sheen
  • When repairing or touch-up small areas, lightly sweep the sponge to feather the edges and blend the area
  • Multiple coats may be needed to achieve full coverage
  • Thin coats produce the finest results
  • May be mixed with Leather Filler to create a tinted filling compound
  • May be force dried with a hair dryer or heat gun at 30cm distance
  • Priming and Topcoating your Colour  will help to deliver better and longer lasting results
  • May be mixed with our Transparent Dyes
  • Allow 24-48 hours drying time before using/wearing or conditioning and 14 days for coatings to cure fully
  • Fast drying, film forming. Keep airtight
  • Wash up in water

Sizes & Coverage


  • 5 x 10ml (limited colours)
  • 5 x 50ml


Treat coverage estimates as a guide only. Your requirements may differ.  Variables impacting product coverage include the type and condition of the leather as well as application methods.

Number Of Applications - Applied by hand
Size Shoes or Handbag Jacket  Armchair  Dining Chairs Car interior Lounge
5 x 5ml Touch-ups Touch-ups Touch-ups Touch-ups Touch-ups Touch-ups
5 x 10ml Touch-ups Touch-ups Touch-ups Touch-ups Touch-ups Touch-ups
50ml 1 0.5 Touch-ups Touch-ups Touch-ups Touch-ups
125ml 3 1 1 seat 1 1 seat 1 seat
250ml 5 2 0.5 2 2 seats 2 seats
1L 20 8 2 8 1 3 seats
2L 40 16 4 16 2 5 seats
3L 60 24 6 24 3 7 seats


Why Leather Hero Colour (No.6)?

  • Quality Australian made products backed by decades of global research and development
  • No cheap 1 coat formulations that give thick, gloopy results
  • No cheap watered down, stripped back colourants that lack staying power
  • Mixable to virtually any shade you can imagine
  • Easy to use, fine-grade, self-levelling and capable of delivering factory finish results

"Leather Hero was highly recommended and for good reason, incredible result. Thanks"


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