A jacket like no other

Leather jackets come in many styles; from high fashion to seasonal fashion, motorcycle to op-shop and custom made specials. But if you want one that really stands out from the crowd, why not embellish yours with personalised hand-painted or commissioned artworks?

Here’s one of our commissioned jackets. Step by step, we transformed a smart ladies motorbike jacket into a very beautiful, one of a kind functional artwork. We used just 6 colours (ochre, magenta, blue, scarlet, rust and yellow) plus black and white to create it.

creativity starts here


Consider your canvas. How much space do you have? What composition will works well? Where are the stitching lines and how can you make them work with your design?


Use Leather Hero Spot & Prep (No.4) to clean the artwork area. A soft scrubbing brush can be used to agitate the prep solution into the grain. Wipe with a lint free cloth


Etch the surface of the leather using fine sandpaper (800 grit)


Apply Prime (No.5) with a paintbrush or sponge to the area you intend to paint.


Rough in your design

step 6:

If your jacket is a dark colour, paint a white foundation for your artwork. One to two coats should do it.

step 7:

Paint in the main shapes and colours

step 8:

Add detailing. When you are done, use Spot & Prep (No.4) to clean up any little dots of colour that may have splashed onto the leather. Alternatively, use black paint to paint over them!

step 9:

When you artwork is finished and dry, give it 2 coats of clear topcoat to seal and protect your masterpiece.