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How to restore scuffed Chelsea boots

Are your quality leather Chelsea boots scuffed and damaged? Whether it’s one too many whole-hearted rodeos or a season of free-roaming festivals or inner-city scuffs and bingles that have left their mark, this pro-grade restoration kit lets you restore the colour and lustre to your favourite riding boots with ease.

Success starts with the right colour

Kits are available in Black and RMW Chestnut. It is best to use a matching colour so that the new finish is harmonious with the original colour.

Prep, Colour & Polish

Follow these steps to transform your boots:

Spray Spot & Prep (No.4) over one area of the leather
Working quickly and using a soft scourer or brush, gently agitate the cleaning solution into the grain and crevices. Light pressure is ideal and if the scourer seems to abrasive, soften and flatten the fibres by rubbing it on a hard surface for a minute or two
Lightly sand any scuffed areas to smooth the surface. If there are deep dents or loose tags, Leather Hero’s Fill (No.14) & Glue (No.16) (also available in a kit) can be used. Bond any tags using glue then fill, cure and smooth the dents. Note that a dash of Reboot Colour (No.24) can be added to the leather filler to create a tinted filling compound
Pour some Reboot Colour onto an applicator sponge
Using moderate pressure and even strokes, wipe the colour over the boots, one area at a time. Avoid any fabric components, contrast features, and branding tags by leaving a 1-2mm margin of leather uncoated. With light, even strokes, continue to coat the boots until all areas are evenly coated. Allow drying for around 30 minutes or use a hairdryer at 30cm to speed drying. Apply 2-3 coats of Reboot Colour or until you are satisfied with the coverage and finish. The heel and edges of the sole can also be coated if desired. Allow drying between each coat.
To refine your colouring at the edges, try cutting the applicator sponge into quarters to create points. Use the tips to carefully coat the leather where it joins components you do not wish to colour. Apply a couple of coats to render an even and well-blended finish
Dip a cotton tip or a fine paintbrush into the Reboot Colour then paint the crevices as needed. Leave the boots to dry for 24-48 hours before polishing
Apply a very small amount of polish to a sponge
Spread the polish over the leather upper and the outer heel (not the sole). Once the polish is on the boots, stop wiping and allow it to ‘set’ for a few minutes. It will have a matte finish when set
STEP 10:
Use a lint free cloth to buff and polish the treated areas


Beautiful! These trusty boots are looking good and are ready for their next adventure

Reboot offers a durable finish that can restore the scuffs and scrapes on your favourite boots bringing them back to their impressive best. More durable than polish, it actually allows you to replace coatings that have been worn away Even after years of wear and tear, your boots can still look beautifully maintained and continue to turn heads.

Even weathered and worn-in riding boots can be refinished to conceal scuffs and scratches