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How To Restore A Black Leather Jacket

Some loyalties go on and on. If you have a faithful, beautiful, timeless, designer or knock-about black leather jacket that needs some love, here’s a step-by-step guide to restoring it. Banish scuffs, marks, fading and general surface wear and give your favourite leather jacket a new lease on life.

Black Jacket Reviver (No.18)

This intense potion is a black restoring cream that coats leather with colour and finish. It boosts faded blacks, covers minor scratches and scuffs and leaves a protective coating. Easy to apply, fast-drying, sheer or nearly complete coverage, it’s ideal for replenishing and reintensifying your black leather apparel and accessories. Use it on your black leather jacket and handbags.

Black Jacket Reviver Kit - Leather Hero
Super simple. Just 2 steps to go from shabby to sharp

UV fading has bleached the colour from this jacket

“Thanks heaps – I love this jacket but have been annoyed at the fading for years…Really appreciate such a great product :)”

Kat C


Clean & Prepare the surface

Spray Cleanse (No.1) onto one area at a time. Spot & Prep (No.4) can also be used on most leathers. Do a test area before proceeding
If the leather is soiled, gently agitate the cleaner into the grain using a soft bristle brush or scourer – don’t rub. If the scourer seems too course, rub it on hard surface to flatten and soften the fibres. Treat delicate leathers with care
Wipe clean with a cloth and allow to dry
If there are any scuffs or damaged areas, lightly sand to remove any loose matter and smooth the area. This step also opens the pores of the leather which can help to improve the penetration and adhesion of the products. Use a cloth to wipe away any sanding dust

Restore Colour

Pour some Black Jacket Reviver (No.18) on to an applicator sponge
Using moderate pressure and even strokes, apply to one area at a time. Complete one side then flip the coat and do the reverse side.
Continue until all areas are coated. Allow drying. You can use a hairdryer at 30cm to speed up drying
  1. Apply additional coats as needed. One coat gives a sheer makeover, several coats give a complete colour refresh
  2. Clean up any metal parts using a cloth and the cleaner
  3. When dry, buff lightly using a microfibre cloth
  4. Allow 48 hours before conditioning the leather

“Wow – I have just used the repair kit to restore a much loved leather jacket. So quick, easy and I am amazed at how the jacket looks like new. Could not be happier with the product”

Michelle S


  • Tape up the edge of the lining and metal parts with masking tape to avoid over-painting
  • Protect the workspace because Black Jacket Reviver (No.18) carries a potent colour punch

Not Just Jackets

Jackets, handbags, footwear, belts and pretty much any black leather or vinyl accessories can be given a colour boost using Black Jacket Reviver (No.18.