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How To Paint With Leather Paint

If you love making art, leather paints open up a world of possibilities. With these chroma rich paints, you can customise your leather and vinyl accessories to your heart’s content. Get creative, your imagination run free and make a statement with customised leather cushions, footwear and apparel.


The Leather Hero range of colours starts with 15 master colours. All other colours are blended from these shades. For artistic painting, you can use any colours within the Leather Hero range. However, these core colours make the ideal art set, enabling the creation of a universe of new colours.

Leather Hero Master Colours Chart
Water-based, mixable and chroma rich colours for your creative projects

Getting Started

The Master Colour Set is a great place to start. The colour dots we mixed are just a few of the many possibilities that be created using black, white, ochre, blue and scarlet.

Master Colour Set 5 x 50ml - Leather Hero

These 5 core colours can be mixed to create many unique colours; from pastels to mid-tones to vibrant and dark tones, they offer a world of creative opportunity

Black, White, Ochre, Scarlet, Blue


Leather Hero paints are a liquid consistency. They are applied in layers. This means you can achieve a range of effects. With a single brushstroke, you can make ethereal water-colour effects. With a few layers, a solid, opaque finish is achieved. Have a jar of water on hand to wash your brushes as needed.

Low viscosity paint enables fine detailing

Customised Creations

When you are looking for a truly personalised gift, a custom designed, hand-painted leather or faux jacket really does fit the bill. Paint the sleeves and leave the back blank. Paint the back and make some small references on the front or decorate the entire jacket with random or repeated motifs. There really are no limits.

Making it personal

What do you give to a girl who lives by the sea and loves orcas and her Italian Greyhound equally? Answer: A custom painted leather jacket featuring them all.

On some scrap paper, we sketched the design, decided on a solid colour painting style and got the go-ahead from the client.

A truly personalised and unique jacket

Painting On Black Leather

Here’s how we completed a customised commissioned for our client. She wanted the magnolia motif to be simple and pretty so we suggested a single stem with a flower and buds.

The first step was to clean the leather thoroughly with Spot & Prep (No.4). The leather may have been coated or conditioned at the tannery or thereafter with products containing waxes, oils or silicones. It’s important to remove them before painting to optimise the bond between the leather and your artwork.

Soft bristle brushes enable smooth, flowing strokes
Speed up the drying process by using a hair dryer at 30cm from your artwork
Leather Spot Remover & Surface Prep 50ml - Leather Hero
Spray Spot & Prep (No.4) onto the leather one area at a time. Gently agitate the cleaner with a soft scrubbing brush and wipe clean with a microfibre cloth
Sketch your design using an erazable pencil
Paint the entire area of your design with white paint
Creating a white or light coloured base helps subsequent layers pop
In thin layers, add in the mid-tones, highlights and shadows to form your subject
Add in the details and you are done!
Paint your way using as much detail or expression as you like
A very happy client

Painting With Colour Restoration Cream

Colour Restoration Cream (No.32) has lots of resins to create a rub-resistant, serviceable finish. Blended with leather paints, it creates beautiful colours and a smooth, glaze-like brushstroke, similar to a traditional painting medium. Due to the semi-transparent coverage of this product, working on a light coloured substrate is best.

Painted directly on a piece of crust (tanned and unfinished leather) using Colour Restoration Creams, this lovely image has a delicate, sheer aesthetic. It would make a unique floor cushion.

Working quickly and painting wet-in-wet allows for artistic blending. To build depth of colour and create multi-dimensional effects, allow your work to dry between each layer. Results with Colour Cream are soft and similar to water-colour or acrylic paints blended with lots of medium.

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