Specialising in leather finishing and cosmetic repairs, we bring your dirty, worn and damaged furniture, boat and car upholstery back to its best

Your leather upholstery can be beautiful again. Scratches, small rips, de-lamination, stains, fading and all manner of accidents can be repaired, recoloured and restored. Our signature colour restoration treatment puts back what normal use removes. Replenishing worn colour, adding new layers of protection to your leather and covering minor surface wear and tear, this convenient, in-home services offers a truly amazing makeover.

  • Cleaning, Conditioning & Leather Protection Treatments
  • Colour restoration
  • Custom colour mixing

  • Repairs
  • Recolouring

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Using professional grade, full strength leather and vinyl care and repair products, we offer solutions for an array of common issues.:

  • Stains & fading
  • Colour wear
  • Delamination, peeling & flaking
  • Ink & dye stains
  • Transportation indentations
  • Small rips & holes
  • Scratches & scuffs
  • Pet damage
  • Mould & mildew

Correctly maintained leather lasts 3 times longer

Take good care of your leather upholstery and it will return the favour to you. Soiling, perspiration and body oil along with wear and tear and pet damage take a toll on leather finishes. Regular cleaning, conditioning and protection go a long way towards preserving the structure and beauty of leather. When damage occurs, timely repairs can not only restore the aesthetics but also help to prevent further breakdown.

Colour Restoration

Our signature in-home colour restoration treatment is the ideal solution for ageing leather. It is a maintenance treatment that, if repeated as needed, can significantly extend the viable life of leather upholstery. Featuring a custom mixed colour to match your upholstery, industry-best rub-test performance resins and skilled hand-rubbed application, this treatment gives exceptional results.

Bags, Jackets & Anything Leather or Vinyl

If it’s made of leather, we can probably help. In addition to upholstery, we also restore the finish on designer handbags, leather jackets, briefcases, vintage items, steering wheels, centre console lids and other leather items.

Get an estimate for your job

We service the northeastern suburbs of Sydney. If you are located outside our service area, we can help if you post or deliver the items to us. Contact us for further information.

To determine the best treatment plan and to provide an estimate, we need a few things:

  1. a photo of the whole job
  2. closes ups of any damage or wear and tear 
  3. your phone number
  4. the suburb of the job
  5. a description of your concerns and tell us what you’d like to achieve

Call us on 0490 796 012 or email us at

How we work

  • We use professional-grade leather finishing products (no supermarket cleaners or oils, no stripped back, diluted formulations)
  • We custom mix a matching colour and shine for your upholstery
  • It’s convenient; there’s usually no need to move anything
  • For local jobs, we come to you – in-home, in the car and on the boat at the marina
  • For distance jobs, sending by post, delivery or transport is an option
  • The work is done by hand by people who know leather
  • Resprays are done in our Northern Beaches workshop
Post your smaller items directly to us

The life-cycle of a leather sofa

In our experience, for the first 5-7 years – give or take a few for variations in quality – leather upholstery tends to look perfect. You might be lulled into thinking it’s invincible. It’s true; leather is robust and highly serviceable. During those first few years, however, the manufacturer’s original protective topcoat is progressively eroded – some more, others less. The job of the topcoat is to protect the colour coatings and the leather itself. Without that protection, colour coats may wear or delaminate and the leather may dry, crack and split.

After 5-7 years of use, it’s often time to start replenishing worn coatings. A colour restoration involves the application of several coatings of matched colour cream resulting in an amazing make-over. Repeated as needed, colour restoration offers a long term maintenance plan that can keep your favourite furnishing looking great for years to come.



About repairing and restoring

We cannot make old leather new again. Repairing and restoring is an inexact science. It involves knowledge, technical skill and an artisan approach. Our work tends to start when something is damaged so we can make no assurances other than to do our best with what we are given. Our best is generally excellent, by the way, as shown by our customer’s testimonials.

“Absolute genius. Way better than we ever thought possible…”

our couches were worn, dirty and very tired and now look amazing! Great job, great service, great communication”
North Narrabeen

Cleaning, Conditioning & Leather Protection Treatment

Your leather needs 3 things to be its best well into the future.

Cleaning: Dirty leather looks awful and is being damaged by an abrasive paste of human grime, spills, dust and dirt. This toxic cocktail of grease, perspiration and dirt breaks down the fibrous structure of leather leading to rips and tears. Colour coatings are compromised resulting in delamination, peeling and flaking. Regular cleaning with the right products and methods really is the key to great looking, long-lasting leather.

Conditioning: Normal use, inappropriate cleaning and environmental factors can dry leather at the structural level. Stiffening, cracking, splits and holes can result. Regular moisturising with our non-greasy, penetrating conditioner, helps to prevent this damage whilst promoting soft, supple leather with a beautiful touch. If you are not doing it, let us do it for you – at least once a year.

Leather Protection Treatment: Whilst Leather Hero conditioners penetrate, our invisible, breathable leather protector is a surface shield that prevents dirt from sticking, stains from penetrating and makes cleaning easier.

Leather Care Kit Cleanse, Nourish, Protect Kit - Leather Hero


We repair using pro-grade leather paints and aniline dyes, leather glue and our leather filling and bonding compounds. Every repair is different and requires a tailored solution. We employ a range of specialist finishing materials and methods to achieve the best possible result.

Custom colour mixing

We love colour. A matching colour is essential to a successful result when it comes to repairing and restoring leather and vinyl. From our base range of 15 master colours, just about any colour you can imagine can be mixed. Simply add “Custom Colour Mixing” to you cart, checkout then send us your sample and we’ll take it from there.

Although not listed in our online store, we can also supply and mix vinyl paints. Vinyl coatings can be used outdoors and on a variety of materials, such as shade-sails. Contact us for more information.

Colour mixing
Leather Hero loves colour

Upholstery services

We work with upholsterers to give you a complete result. Re-stitching, replacement panels, re-stuffing, re-webbing and other upholstery services can be arranged using our network of preferred upholstery service contractors.