What services does Leather Hero provide?

We specialise in bringing your leather furniture back to its best. Our service area covers the Northern Beaches of Sydney. For most sofa jobs, we offer on-site service. For colour changes and car work, you bring the sofa or car to our workshop in Newport. For smaller jobs, we accept items via Australia Post or courier delivery.

Using professional-grade products, we take the time to treat your furniture by hand. Our services include:

  • cleaning, conditioning & leather protection treatments
  • repair of cosmetic rips, scratches & scuffs
  • all-over colour restoration to correct fading, colour wear, delamination and minor stains
  • recolouring of furniture and leather hides
  • custom colour mixing service

How do I book a Leather Hero service?

If you are within the Leather Hero service area of Sydney’s Northern Beaches and surrounds and you want to make a booking, contact us here or email or call 0490 796 012. Send us a full set of photos of your job and your suburb and we’ll get right back to you.

What areas do you service?

We are located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and service the Northeastern suburbs. 

Can I post my item to you?

Yes, we receive items in the post all the time. First, get an estimate for your job and talk us through what you want to achieve. Then send it to us at Leather Hero Pty Ltd, PO Box 401, NSW 1660. Make sure that you include your contact details including your email address and any specific requests you discussed with us. Pack your goods carefully to ensure safe transit.

When the work is done, we’ll email you an invoice and when payment has cleared, your goods will be returned to you by insured post.

Send your smaller items to us by post
Will my lounge be treated in my home?

Our cleaning and restoration services are usually performed in your home. We need good natural light, a cleared space to work, access to power and on-site parking.

If we are doing a full recolour, the job may be done on site or in our workshop. We don’t have in-house transport options but can help arrange the pick-up and delivery of your furniture using third party providers.

Can I get a quote first?

Yes, simply contact us with the details of your job. Include the following information:

  • The size of the job:
    • How many pieces of furniture
    • How many standard seats (600x600mm and sofa depth of 900mm), plus approx length of any chaise and ottomans
  • Your address
  • What services you would like or ask us to recommend a treatment plan
  • Photos:
    • One of each piece
    • Close-ups of all area of concern that you would like addressed

Estimates are based on the information and photos you provide and are contingent on verification by inspection and adhering to the original treatment plan. 

When we see the job, we may, in your interests, recommend an alternate plan. In most cases, any changes or suggestions (whether impacting price or not) will be discussed with you and work will only commence on your say so. The only exception to this is if you are not present and we are unable to reach you or you have given prior consent for work to proceed in line with our professional judgement. Either way, we commit to deliver the best possible outcome given the condition and complexity of your job and our understanding of your goals.

Does Leather Hero recolour hides or upholstery panels?

Yes. We colour match and colour change hides and upholstery panels for upholsters and leather wholesalers.

What is an all-over colour restoration?

An all-over colour restoration uses leather pigments (and sometimes dyes) mixed with a hardwearing carrier cream to restore worn coatings. The effect is a semi-opaque colour coating that effectively minimises the visibility of imperfections (marks, delamination, fading & colour wear), unifies the overall colour and protects the underlying leather. It is ideal for older leather that is faded, marked, dry and exposed. Giving an impressive make-over as it refreshes worn colour and finish easily.

How long does an all-over colour restoration last?

That depends on a few factors such as the condition of the leather, the amount of use and the type of use the leather receives. In a busy family home with pets, you may choose to have the coatings refreshed a yearly basis. In a retired couple’s home for example, where wear and tear is less, the average refresh is approximately every 2 years. Where usage is light and/or infrequent (such as on a boat) the coatings can last for much longer.

Note that colour restoration is different to recolouring which is an extensive process that can give very long term results.

Does Leather Hero clean, restore and repair car seats?

Yes, although not all problems can be corrected with cosmetic repairs.



Does Leather Hero clean and repair leather apparel and accessories?

In some cases, yes. We do not provide spare parts, tailoring or cobbler services.

Contact us before sending items in the post so that we can assess if or what we can do to help. 

Does Leather Hero repair upholstery stitching? 

No. If the seams of your couch have opened or entire panels need to be replaced, it’s best to contact your preferred upholsterer or motor trimmer. 

How can I arrange to have my colour mixed by Leather Hero?
  • Order online the kit or paint size you need for your job in the colour white
  • Add Custom Colour Mixing to your shopping cart 
  • Post us a sample of your leather. Include your details and your order number. A sample of 50x50mm is all we need.
  • Alternatively, email us the name of a suitable Dulux paint colour. We will match to a swatch
  • We will hold your order until your sample arrives at Leather Hero HQ. Once prepared, we will dispatch your order


Custom Mixing is non-refundable. Make sure you have your sample before ordering and you post it immediately. We will hold your order for up to 30 days. Normal shipping timeframes do not apply to Custom Mixing orders.

How can I get a sample of my leather?

Make sure your leather sample is a good example of the colour you want us to mix. We prefer a sample that is 5cm x 5cm or bigger but we understand that this can be tricky to achieve sometimes. To obtain a sample of your leather, try to obtain:

  • a manufactures sample from the store of purchase
  • a cutting from the underside of your item. If it’s a lounge/chair turn it upside down, lift a section of the fabric dust cover, if there is untrimmed leather inside the staple line, cut a piece and re-fix the dust cover
  • if the item is small, you may choose to send it to us by post
  • email the name of a matching Dulux paint swatch or send 3 samples swatches from your hardware store
  • a small, removable plastic part from your car’s interior
Can you change the colour of my lounge?

Yes, most leather lounges can be changed to a different colour. This is a technical and premium service that costs more than in-home colour restoration services. It is best suited to sofas in very good condition.

The work is completed in our workshop on the Northern Beaches. Your furniture must be transported to us and collected upon completion. In most cases, we suggest you allow around 7 -14 days for a standard 5 seater lounge suite.



What’s the difference between recolouring and an all-over colour restoration?

Recolouring refers to refinishing leather via an extensive process. It can be done by hand or by spray gun with sprayed finishes delivering the most refined and long-lasting results. To recolour,  dirt, waxes and silicones must be stripped from the leather’s surface so that the new coatings can stick. The cleaned leather is then primed, coloured and sealed with a topcoat. Several coatings are required to complete the process.

Recolouring allows for the colour to be changed to a new colour. Respraying cannot be done on-site (due to the risk of over-spray) and is only suitable for leather that is in very good condition. Recolouring is generally more expensive than all-over colour restoration.

An all-over colour restoration refers to a treatment that restores coatings, including worn and compromised coatings, via a hand-rubbed technique. Layers of matching colour cream deliver a semi-opaque veil that dramatically improves the look, feel and longevity of ageing leather.

Forming a physical barrier between the leather and the body oils, perspiration and soiling that degrade it, this treatment is not just about looking good. It can be done on-site and is ideal for maintaining leather that is older than 5 years. Wearing progressively with use, an all-over colour restoration is recommended every year or two to ensure the maximum viable life of your leather upholstery and to keep it looking great throughout the years.

Is it expensive to restore leather?

Repairs generally cost far less than the cost of replacing the item. Correctly maintained leather lasts around 3 times longer than leather that is not maintained. By staying on top of wear and tear, your leather car seats and furniture are likely to give you many more years of service and may maintain their good looks throughout the years.

The cost of leather restoration depends on what work is required and the size of the job.

When can I use my repaired item?

Leather Hero products are water based and therefore, air drying. Although they will usually be dry within 30 minutes, it is best to give your repaired leather 24 -48 hours to fully dry before using it again. New leather coatings are 100% cured in 14 days.

Can ink stains be removed from leather?

Whilst ink is a particularly persistent stain, Leather Hero Ink Stick is specifically designed to lift ink pigments from leather. Best results are achieved when the ink is fresh. If the stain is set-in, we will remove as much ink as possible then recolour the area. 

Can pet scratches be removed from leather?

How frustrating are pet scratches? The good news is that, in most cases on genuine leather, they can be successfully repaired. In a nutshell, it’s a simple process of:

  • trimming, sanding or glueing any larger loose tags of leather
  • filling the pits with Leather Hero Fill No 15 (Build up in thin layers if needed)
  • sanding the area smooth
  • recolouring to match

You’ll be amazed at the results and so pleased you decided to get it done or do it yourself.



Can the colour of my lounge be changed to a completely new colour?

With Leather Hero pigments, you can let your imagination go wild. With a quality leather lounge in reasonable condition, the right products, a spare weekend and a steady approach, you can completely change the colour of your lounge. 

How long do repairs last?

It depends on a few factors; the location of the repair, the extent of the damage before the repair, the grade and condition of the leather and how it used and cared for after the repair.

A repair on a vertical sofa panel that is not under ongoing strain could last indefinitely. A repair on a sofa cushion where the leather is highly compromised, thin and dry may hold well if protected from further strain. With lots of ongoing stress and strain on repairs, it becomes more difficult to predict longevity. Greasy leather is also unpredictable.

Leather Hero products are manufactured to the highest industry standard. The products employ the same state of the art technology now used within the leather tanning industry. This means that they enable optimum results every time. 

All care is taken to deliver the best possible outcome given the unique limitations of each leather job.

Will the repair be visible?

Most minor repairs are usually very discreet and not detectable. Larger problems may be repairable but the site of the repair may be evident, particularly up close. 

What T&Cs apply to custom colour mixing service?
  • Price includes the mixing of one colour. If you require more than one colour, purchase additional Custom Colour Mixing Services for each additional colour you require.
  • Available for volumes from 50ml to 1L
  • Custom mixing service and custom mixed colours are non-refundable (subject to ACL)
  • Make sure you post your sample immediately after ordering
  • We will hold your order for up to 30 days. If your sample does not arrive, your order will be shipped without mixing
  • Normal shipping timeframes do not apply to custom mixed orders
  • If your sample is bulky, such as a full cushion cover, return shipping will be payable by you