Nubuck, Suede & Aniline Leather Cleaner 

A specialist cleaner for unfinished leathers.

Leather Hero; Australia's Premier Leather Care & Repair Company

Unfinished leathers are unprotected; they are vulnerable to permanent soiling and stains. When spills happen, fast and correct cleaning can greatly reduce the chance of ugly stains. Keep Leather Hero Nubuck, Suede and Aniline Cleanse (No.10) on hand so that you armed and ready.

Try this leather cleaner on your unfinished leathers. Regular servicing makes the world of difference to the way nubuck, suede and aniline leather looks and feels. 

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Professional Grade
Easy To Use
Water Based
Ozone Friendly
Non Toxic
Made & Owned in Australia
Recyclable Container


  1. Unfinished leathers are beautiful on the eye and luxuriously warm for the hand. Being unprotected, they are vulnerable to permanent soiling and stains. Over time a patina of marks will tell the tale of the life of the leather. Regular cleaning and conditioning can make a world of difference to the way it ages by softening marks and adding a protective barrier that adds a level of stain resistance.

Leather Hero Nubuck, Suede and Aniline Cleanse (No.10) is a gentle cleaner specially formulated to help remove dirt and grease from unfinished leather.


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Directions & Tips


  1. Apply by spray to one area at a time
  2. Gently scrub with a soft brush, cloth or sponge
  3. Wipe away the dirt and grime then dry off with a clean dry cloth
  4. Repeat if needed
  5. Use a soft brush to lift and restore that nap of nubuck and suede leather


  • Use 3 monthly or more frequently in high traffic areas
  • Always do a compatibility test patch in an inconspicuous area before using any products. Some leather coatings are much less robust than others
  • Use the brush to gently agitate the cleaner to help lift dirt from the grain. Never rub as it can remove the finish from your leather
  • Always clean before conditioning
  • For fresh spills try a blotting action to draw any available fluids back out of the leather
  • Remember that you are cleaning the dirt you can see and the dirt you can't (perspiration, body oils & chemicals). The invisible dirt does the most damage to your leather
  • Unfinished leathers have no barrier to stains. Once set in, stains may not be removable


Why Leather Hero Nubuck, Suede & Aniline Cleanse (No.11)?

  • Formulated specifically for leather by people who know leather
  • Decades of international R&D in leather, tanning, finishing and care
  • Pro-grade and full strength
  • Made for the unique needs of unfinished leathers– never use household products on leather

"Leather Hero was highly recommended and for good reason, incredible result. Thanks"


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