Leather Transferred Dye Stain Remover

Tackle clothing dye stains with this specialist cleaner

Leather Hero; Australia's Premier Leather Care & Repair Company

Transferred dye remover is ideal for cleaning newspaper stains, clothing dye and denim stain, food and curry marks, hair dye and fake tan stains from leather. Water-based, easy to use and Australian made, Leather Hero's Dye Remover (No.15) is a premium choice for your car, fashion and furniture leather care.

With dye transfer, time is of the essence. The sooner the problem is treated, the better; that is, before the stain is set-in. Best results are achieved when Leather Hero Dye Remover is used as soon as the dye transfer occurs. 

If you have white or light coloured leather, keeping this product on hand can save your leather from annoying indelible stains.



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Professional Grade
Easy To Use
Water Based
Ozone Friendly
Non Toxic
Made & Owned in Australia
Recyclable Container


Leather Hero Dye Remover (No.15) is specially designed to remove transferred dye from leather. Printed paper, dyed clothing, food stains (such as beetroot and curry), hair dyes, throws and fake tan are notorious for transferring dye onto other surfaces.

Great for getting the ‘denim’ off your car seats, Dye Remover (No.15) is easy to use; just spray on, let it soak for a minute or two, then scrub with a soft bristle brush and wipe off.

Suitable for

  • Finished leather
  • Unfinished leather
  • Man-made leathers

Note: A test patch is recommended.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm

Directions & Tips


  1. Spray onto stained leather
  2. Scrub using a medium bristle brush
  3. Wipe using a microfibre cloth
  4. Repeat until the stain is gone


  • Some topcoats are porous and absorb dyes more readily than others
  • Works best on non-porous topcoats
  • Works best on fresh stains

Sizes & Coverage


  • 125ml
  • Contact us for bulk quantities



Treat coverage estimates as a guide only. Your requirements may differ. Variables impacting product coverage include:

  • the type and condition of your leather
  • how you apply the product
  • whether you are changing colour or refreshing the existing colour

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