Fabric Upholstery Care Kit

Keep fabric upholstery in your home and car clean and fresh

Leather Hero; Australia's Premier Leather Care & Repair Company

Fabric Care Kit contains Leather Hero's professional-grade fabric upholstery cleaner and protector. Remove dirt, oils and stains then protect your clean furniture and car trim with our advanced polymer shield.

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Professional Grade
Easy To Use
Water Based
Ozone Friendly
Non Toxic
Made & Owned in Australia
Recyclable Container
  • Description


    Featuring advanced anti-stain technology, this commercial-grade water-based fabric cleaner and protector are designed for use on fabric upholstery and automotive trim. Use Fabric Cleanse (No.18) to clean away stubborn marks caused by everyday stain-makers such as oils, pets, foods, drinks, makeup and organics. Protect your freshly cleaned fabrics with Fabric Protect (No.20). Invisible polymers coat and penetrate the fibres forming a web-like shield against grime. With this dynamic duo on hand, your fabric upholstery will keep its good looks much longer.

    Suitable for

    • Most upholstery fabrics


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    Additional information

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    Convenient, Essentials, Heavy Duty, Like A Pro, The Works

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