Dulling Agent

Makes Leather Paint Less Shiny

Leather Hero’s Dulling Agent (No.30) is an additive that reduces the level of gloss in our leather colours, restoration cream and topcoats.  Use it when the colour or topcoat is too shiny and needs to be made duller to match your leather.

Straight from the bottle leather paints have a finish that tends towards gloss. With dulling agent, they can be flattened to a sheen level of satin or matte.

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Professional Grade
Easy To Use
Water Based
Ozone Friendly
Non Toxic
Made & Owned in Australia
Recyclable Container


  1. An additive that flattens the level of sheen in leather paints.  Changes leather paint from gloss to satin to matte finish. Add a little at a time to adjust the finish of leather paint or topcoat.

Suitable for

  • Finished leathers
  • Man-made leathers
  • Unfinished leathers - if using leather paints and an opaque finish is desired

Additional information

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Directions & Tips


  1. Add a small amount to your colour or topcoat and shake to mix
  2. Assess the level of shine by applying a fingerprint sized spot to your project and allowing it to dry
  3. If it is still too shiny, add some more Dulling Agent and test again
  4. Continue adding more Dulling Agent until the colour or topcoat reaches the desired level of sheen