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Want to fine-tune your colour? These convenient colour kits are perfect for making small adjustments to your main colour to achieve an exact match for your job. This is how the professionals do it.
Select any 3 Colours
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10ml x 3
50ml x 3
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About This Kit


These convenient colour kits are perfect for fine-tuning your colour or getting creative. To adjust your main colour, simply add a drop or a dash; shake and test. With careful adjustment, you can achieve a precise match for your job. Build your collection of colours for artistic works on leather and vinyl.

Select any 3 colours.






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Directions & Tips

Directions & Tips

Colouring - 4 Simple Steps

  1. Clean and prep the leather with Spot & Prep (No.4)
  2. Optimise adhesion between the leather and the new coatings with Prime (No.5)
  3. Colour with Colour (No.6)
  4. Seal to protect the new colour coats from wear and tear with Topcoat (No.7) 

How to Mix Your Colour

  • Start with the colour that is closest to your needs. This is your base colour
  • Assess which colour(s) will be needed to achieve your desired colour. See Colour Adjustment Kits
  • For small batches, add one or more drops of tint to the base colour. For larger batches, you can pour a few mls at a time.
  • Shake for 1 second to mix
  • In an inconspicuous place, apply a thumbnail-sized dot of colour
  • Allow to dry or dry with a hairdryer at 30cm distance
  • Assess and adjust your colour using the same process until you have achieved a match or found your ideal colour
  • Clean off your test spots with Spot & Prep (No.4) within an hour


  • Use our Custom Colour Mixing Service if you need help with your colour
  • Dulling Agent may be added to Colour to reduce the level of sheen
  • When repairing or touch-up small areas, lightly sweep the sponge to feather the edges and blend the area
  • Multiple coats may be needed to achieve full coverage
  • Thin coats produce the finest results
  • May be mixed with Leather Filler to create a tinted filling compound
  • May be force dried with a hair dryer or heat gun at 30cm distance
  • Priming and Topcoating your Colour  will help to deliver better and longer lasting results

Sizes & Coverage


  • 3 x 10ml
  • 3 x 50ml


3 x 10ml may be enough to adjust 50ml, 125ml or 250ml of leather paint

3 x 50ml may be enough to adjust 250ml, 1L or more leather paint

Treat coverage estimates as a guide only. Your requirements may differ. Variables impacting product coverage include:

  • the type and condition of your leather
  • how you apply the product
  • whether you are changing colour or refreshing the existing colour



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