Black LeatherJacket Reviver Kit

Black is back. Recoat your black leather jacket, handbag or boots.  

Leather Hero; Australia’s Premier Leather Care & Repair Company

This black leather restoration cream conditions whilst restoring rich black colour to tired black leather.

It’s ideal for revamping black leather jackets, black leather apparel, black leather handbags and black leather shoes. Imparting an intense colour boost and anti-soiling protection it restores the appearance of surface wear and blemishes.

Give your favourite black leather jacket a seriously good make-over with this professional grade leather restoration cream.

"I treated my faded black motorbike leather gear with your #18 - amazing outcome; can’t believe it." Jens.G

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4 Kit Configurations To Choose From

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SAVE $7 on the Essentials Kit

Total Retail Value $36

Average Coverage:

 1 small leather jacket or handbag

50ml Cleanse (No.1)

50ml Black Jaclet Reviver (No.18)





SAVE $7 on Convenient Kit

Total Retail Value $40

Average Coverage:

1 small leather jacket or handbag

50ml Cleanse (No.1)

50ml Black Jacket Reviver (No.18)

 Disposable Cloth

Applicator Sponge

Pair Gloves








SAVE $12 on the Like A Pro Kit

Total Retail Value $50 

Average Coverage:

1 medium leather jacket or 2-3 handbags

50ml Cleanse (No.1)

125ml Black Jacket Reviver (No.18)





SAVE $12 on The Works Kit

Total Retail Value $54

Average Coverage:

1 medium leather jacket or 2-3 handbags

50ml Cleanse (No.1)

125ml Black Jacket Reviver (No.18)

Disposable Cloth

Applicator Sponge

Pair Gloves



Professional Grade
Easy To Use
Water Based
Ozone Friendly
Non Toxic
Made & Owned in Australia
Recyclable Container


Leather Hero Black Jacket Reviver Kit is your old leather jackets new best friend. In a field of its own, the kit contains everything you need to give your black leather garments a new lease on life. In just a few steps you'll transform your faded, dry and scuffed garb to its former glory.

Imparting a semi-transparent black colour boost, Black Jacket Reviver (No.18) disguises cosmetic blemishes and leaves your leather protected and beautiful to touch. Give it a try on black leather shoes, handbags or any other piece that needs a protective, nourishing black colour restoration. A Leather Hero innovation proudly made in Australia.

Suitable for

Black coloured finished and man-made leathers

May be used on unfinished leathers if a permanent opaque result is desired

Styles may vary


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Kit Configuration

Essentials, Convenient, Like A Pro, The Works

Directions & Tips


  1. Clean: Clean the garment using Cleanse (No.1). Spray on and wipe over with the cloth to lift away any dirt and grime from the leather. Repeat as needed. If very dirty, use a soft brush to gently scrub any stubborn areas. Rinse and squeeze the sponge dry.
  2. Repair: If needed, use the sandpaper to smooth over any scuffed areas. Dust off to remove any loose particles.
  3. Colour: Next, using the sponge, apply Black Jacket Reviver (No.16) to the back of the garment. Working quickly, use a circular motion to apply and finish with a loose cross-hatch or long even strokes. This product is air drying and dries quickly so take care not to overwork or rework finished areas. Avoid fabric and metal features. If you do tint metal features, wipe the product away from the metal parts and run the zipper a couple of times to ensure it works freely. Any residual product cleans easily when dry. Allow drying before treating the other side. Apply a second or even third coat if you wish to build a stronger coverage. Allow setting for 24 to 48 hours before wearing/using or applying any conditioner. Rinse and squeeze the sponge dry.
  4. Condition: Lastly, after a few days apply Leather Hero's Nourish (No.2) all over using a clean section cloth.
  5. Optional - Buff: When dry, buff gently to render a luxuriously soft feel and silky lustre.


  • Always do a test patch to ensure suitability before proceeding with a full treatment
  • Protect skin from unwanted stains by wearing gloves
  • Lay down suitable covering such as newspaper or a plastic tablecloth to protect your work area before commencing your project
  • When working on smaller items or when precise detailing is needed try cutting the sponge in half or into a pointed wedge
  • Any firming effect is temporary. The leather will soften and loosen with use

Sizes & Coverage


  • 50ml
  • 125ml
  • Kit


Black Jacket Reviver Coverage Chart

Treat coverage estimates as a guide only. Your requirements may differ.  Variables impacting product coverage include the type and condition of the leather as well as application methods.


"Leather Hero was highly recommended and for good reason, incredible result. Thanks"


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