11 questions to assess your lounge for restoration

Do you intend to do isolated touch-ups or treat all areas?

You might be wondering if you should treat each isolated problem area separately or the entire lounge. Either strategy can work.

Option 1: Isolated touch-ups and spot repairs - With careful surface prep, a well-blended repair can be virtually undetectable.

Can be less expensive Good colour and sheen match is important
Usually, best if the affected area is small and the rest of the leather is in overall very good condition; eg (on a relatively new car or lounge) Treated areas can look decidedly fresh and new in contrast with untreated areas that usually display ingrained soiling, dye stains and a patina of surface wear that cannot be resolved by cleaning alone (typical to older furniture)

Option 2: Treating all areas -  Refinishing the entire surface of your lounge, car seats, handbag or jacket can give amazing results and is usually best for older leather.

Can be easier than blending in a spot repair Can be more expensive
Optimum results as colour and finish (sheen) are consistently new, clean and unified throughout Usually not the best solution for small areas of damage if the leather is new and in overall very good condition
A perfect colour match is less critical
A colour change is possible
All over new coatings provide new layers of protection