How To Order A Repair Kit

Step 1. Choose your kit size

Whether you are recolouring a stain on your car seats, restoring a couple of dining chairs or refinishing an entire lounge, there’s a kit for your project.

50ml Leather Paint

Mini Repair Kits

125ml Leather Paint

Small Repair Kits

250ml Leather Paint

Medium Repair Kits

1L Leather Paint

Large Repair Kits

How much paint will you need?

Here’s a guide.

There are many variables so treat coverage estimates as a guide only

Step 2. Choose your colour

From our 6 Colour Charts select the colour you want. Your kit includes one bottle of leather paint. Additional colours can be added to your order separately.

Select from over 70 colours
or mix a unique colour for your job

Step 3. Choose your finish

Topcoats can be Matte, Satin, Gloss or High Gloss. Select the Topcoat finish that best suits your project. Most modern sofas are Satin finish. Cars are usually Satin or Matte.

Topcoat - What level of sheen - Leather Hero
How shiny is your leather?
Select the Topcoat that best matches the level of sheen for your job

Step 4. Customise your kit

Do you just want the basics or would you like the convenience of everything you’ll need at your fingertips? Are you just recolouring or do you need to repair surface damage as well? Select the kit that contains the pieces you want.

Recolouring essentials

Recolouring essentials + Accessories

Recolouring essentials + Filler & Glue

Recolouring essentials + Filler & Glue + Accessories

Step 5. Optional – Add Colour Adjustment Kit

Want a perfect match? Colour Adjustment Tints allow you to tweak the colour to match your project precisely.

Colour mixing