How to order a custom mixed colour?

We mix colours on demand, by hand and by eye. With years of colourist experience, we can match pretty much any colour. There are no highly calibrated machines nor a database of formulations to work from so the process can be painstaking and requires an uncommon level of skill.

The service includes the mixing of one colour. If your chosen sample is a multi-toned colour (looks mottled or antiqued), you will require more than one colourant and the same number of services.

Easy steps to place an order

There are 3 steps to ordering a custom mixed colour:

  1. Order the colourant in the size you require, eg Leather Paint 250ml
  2. Order the Custom Mixing Service in the same size, eg 250ml paint = 250ml custom mixing service
  3. Post your sample to us

Colourant : Leather Paint, Colour Restoration Cream, Leather Repair Kit (containing a colourant)

What size leather colourant?

Start by deciding which size leather colourant or kit you wish to order. For example, depending on project size, you may want a 50ml bottle of Leather Paint or a Large Repair Kit (which contains 1L of leather paint). Check out Choosing the Right Repair Kit and How to Order a Repair Kit for guidance on leather colourants, kits and product coverage estimates

Finding a sample

Not sure how to find a sample of your leather colour? Check out ‘How to get a sample of your colour’

The ordering process

Having chosen your colourant, process your order as follows. We’ll use the Medium Repair Kit as an example:

Step 1

In the search bar, type the name of the paint, colour restoration cream or kit you require

Step 2

Read the description to be sure that that you have the right product for your job

Step 3

On the Colour menu, click on the down arrow.

At the bottom of the menu, look for Custom Mix and click on the down arrow. Select Custom Colour

Select your Finish (Topcoat). Tip: Most lounges are Satin finish and most modern car interiors are Matte and some are Satin

Scroll down to view your kit configuration options. Make a selection and Add to Cart

Step 4

In the search bar, type “Custom Colour” or “Custom Mixing Service” or similar

Based on the size colourant you are ordering, select the same size and Add to Cart. Using our example, the Medium Repair Kit contains 250ml of Leather Paint so we select the 250ml custom colour mixing service.

Step 5

Go to your shopping cart and view your order. There will be 2 entries:

  1. your colourant and
  2. the custom mixing fee

Check that your selections are correct. Continue shopping or proceed to checkout.

Send your sample

Now that you have placed your order, send your sample to us at:

Leather Hero Pty Ltd, PO Box 401, Mona Vale 1660, NSW.

Be sure to include your name, contact details and Order Number

If you have found a Dulux colour that matches your needs, send us an email with your Order Number and the name of the Dulux Colour. If you have found an alternate brand of paint with the right colour, collect 4 swatches and post them to us.

When we receive your sample, we’ll mix the colour and post your order to you.

What’s involved at our end

Unlike our standard colour range, custom mixed colours are created uniquely to your specifications, and as such, this service is provided for a fee.

The whole process usually takes at least a couple of hours two from start to finish. At our end, there are a few costs associated with custom mixing including collecting your sample, the time it takes to create and refine the colour and any excess product that is mixed in pursuit of a precise colour match.

Although we run the custom mixing service at a loss, we do it to help solve the tricky issue of matching the colour of your leather.