Choosing the Right Repair Kit

There are 2 types of repair kits and 4 – 5 different size options (depending on type). Repair Kits and Colour Restoration Kits help you get all the gear you need at a great bundle price. Depending on your job, one type may be more suitable than other.

Repair Kits

Repair Kits are ideal for large or small complete refinishing projects where full coverage is required. You can change the colour, recolour or touch-up a few scuffs or isolated sections. When covering stains, leather filler or changing the colour, this is the way to go.

Repair Kits are suitable for these types of jobs

4 Simple Steps

With 4 simple steps you can transform your leather furniture using the same finishing system the professionals use. By replicating the original manufacturer’s finish, years of wear and tear can be restored whilst lending protection to the leather. In just a couple of hours, with the simplest of tools, you can bring back the luxury of beautifully finished leather.





Colour Restoration Kits

Colour Restoration Kits are designed for refreshing the entire surface with the existing colour. When you want to give your old sofa a quick and easy make-over, Colour Restoration Kits are the answer. Coverage is semi-opaque and increases with each coat giving you lots of control. Scratches, scuffs and colour wear are dramatically minimised giving a remarkably renewed look and feel.

Colour Restoration Kits are suitable for these types of jobs

2 Simple Steps

When the aim is to refresh tired, lightly discoloured and scuffed leather, the Colour Restoration Cream process couldn’t be easier. Once the leather clean, build the level of coverage by layering coats of colour cream. The finish is beautiful, hardwearing and easy to top-up when the need arises. In a couple of hours, simply incredible results can be achieved.



Can I use both?

Yes. If you need to repair an isolated area of damage, say a patch of cat scratches, you need a Repair Kit. If you also want to refresh the finish of the rest of the sofa, you can use a Colour Restoration Kit once the repaired areas are dry.

Benefits of Repair Kits

Benefits of Colour Restoration Kits

Full coverage can be achieved with multiple coats

Full leather finishing process similar to the manufacturer’s

Most durable, refined finish that dries quickly

Won’t rub off on your clothes

Surface damage can be repaired and fully covered

4 main steps; prep, prime, colour and seal

Colour and topcoat may be sprayed on

Best for small touch-ups & full recolours

Enables a complete colour change; lighter or darker

Semi-opaque to full coverage can be achieved with multiple coats

Refresher process that restores same colour finish quickly and easily

Hard wearing, dries quickly and easy to refresh as needed

Won’t rub off on your clothes

Not ideal for use over leather filler as coverage may be incomplete

2 main steps; prep and colour

Applied by hand using a sponge or brush

Ideal for all-over same colour restorations

Suitable for refreshing the existing colour

Repair Kit Sizes

What size is your job? Kit size is linked to the volume of leather paint included. The amount of paint needed can vary according to the type and condition of the leather as well as the application method and number of coats applied. Use our estimates as a guide only.


Mini Repair Kit


Small Repair Kit


Medium Repair Kit


Large Repair Kit

Mini Repair Kits

Approx. 0.5 square metre

1 x armrest

1 x seat cushion

Lots of small touch-ups

Small Repair Kits

Approx. 1 square metre

2 x armrests

2 – 3 seat cushion

1 – 2 car seats

Medium Repair Kits

Approx. 1 – 2 square metres

1 x armchair or recliner

Large Repair Kits

Approx. 4 – 8 square metres

3-4 seater lounge

3 x seat cushion & 2 armrests

4 x dining chairs

Colour Restoration Kit Sizes

Leather Hero Colour Restoration Cream is available in 250ml bottles and a range of kits to suit all types of jobs. A 250ml bottle is usually enough to refresh a standard 3 seater lounge. Standard size is calculated by 600mm x600mm seat cushions.

Aniline Dye & Restoration Cream Kit

If you have an aniline, semi-aniline or aged waxed leather lounge to restore, the Aniline Dye & Restoration Cream Kit can help. Designed for restoring fading, discolouration and other surface imperfections on unfinished leathers, this kit contains a cleaner and surface prep, dye stain to re-balance faded colour and a semi-opaque colour cream for coverage. Combining the practical and protective benefits of resins with the coverage of pigments and the rich luminosity of aniline dyes, this combo lets the natural characteristic of the leather show whilst lending some stain coverage and finish to the surface.

On average, the Essentials and Convenient kits are enough to do an armchair or two. The larger kits, Like A Pro and The Works are for at least one 3 seater lounge (often more).

No matter your job, there’s a kit to help you get it done.