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Can I use a general household cleaning products to clean my leather?

Please don’t! Many household products cause damage to leather. They represent false economy. The Leather Hero range offers easy to use products that won’t harm your leather, break your back or your budget. 

How is Leather Hero paint applied?

Our easy to use colour pigments are fine, self-levelling and designed to be applied in thin coats. Results are not thick and clumpy. They can be applied by hand using a sponge, sponge brush, fine paintbrush (for detail areas such as piping), paintbrush, spray gun or airbrush. Depending on the degree of colour change, several coats may be required.

Will the colour match my leather perfectly straight from the bottle?

Probably not; a perfect colour match straight from the bottle is unlikely – unless you are using black. Even then, there are shades of black.

In most cases, for perfection, the colour will need to be mixed to achieve a match. Check out “Choosing your colour” under the Resources tab to discover your options for finding the right colour.

How accurate are the colours shown on this website?

This site uses both photographs and HEX colours to display colour options. The appearance of photographic representations may vary due to lighting, exposure and other factors including the colour setting on your computer.

HEX colour representations are the most accurate and offer the most consistent colour display available using today’s technology. HEX colours are used in the colour charts. All colour representations are approximate and should be treated as a guide only.

Minor batch variations may occur. Colour testing via Sample Pots is recommended. Similarly, it is best to order enough product for your entire project in one order.

Can I repair large holes with a Leather Hero Repair Kit?

Our repair kits are best suited to colour change projects, touch-ups and surface repairs such as scratches, scuffs and other shallow damage such as cracks. The filler provided is a flexible surface filler. It is generally not suitable for repairing large holes.

If you have a large hole to repair, try this:

  • Clean the area
  • Prepare a large leather backing patch (around double the size of the hole), push it into the hole, flatten it out and glue it to the back of the leather using Leather Hero leather glue
  • When the glue is completely dry, cut a piece of leather to the same shape as the hole; like a puzzle piece
  • Glue the piece to the backing patch and allow it to dry
  • Now use the leather filler to conceal the repair so that it blends in well. Apply leather filler in thin layers and allow it to dry. Fill the gap between the puzzle piece and the rest of the leather. When dry, smooth the area with fine sandpaper
  • It’s time to refinish your repair. Prime, colour and seal with topcoat. Done!
Do I need to use a primer and top coat? 

Yes. If you’ve decided to recolour, a primer will promote greater adhesion to the substrate and a top coat will seal and protect your colour coating. If these coatings are omitted, expect reduced durability from your colour coating. 

How long should I wait before using my recoloured/repaired item?

Leather Hero products are water-based and therefore, air-drying. Allowing suitable curing time helps to promote greater durability. We recommend that you allow 48 hours for your project to properly dry before using it. New coatings will be completely cured in 14 days. Take extra care during the curing stage.

Can I really do this?

Yes, absolutely you can. It’s really all about having the right products, instructions, a methodical, step-by-step approach and support. We help people near and far complete incredible make-overs on all sorts of leather items. Check out some customer projects here.



Can I force dry each layer of product with a hair dryer or heat gun?  

Yes, although care must be taken to ensure the leather and/or coatings are not burned in the process. Hold your heat source at least 30cm from the leather and watch for any sign of scorching or bubbling. Don’t rush things!

How can I know which colour kit to buy?

With the largest range of pre-mixed colours in Australia, you’ll find a colour for your job! There’s also a kit size to suit your needs. Check out. Choosing the Right Repair Kit to decide which kit is right for you. If you still have questions, we are here to help.

Do Leather Hero products come with instruction?

Yes, products carry instructions on the labels and detailed directions are emailed to the email inbox you provide on your order when you order a Repair & Recolour Kit, Colour Restoration Cream or Leather Paint.

Are there batch variations?

From time to time, as product development improvements are implimented, minor product variations may occur.

Coloured products (leather paint, dyes, colour creams, fillers etc) are made in batches. Very slight batch variations can occur. We recommend that you purchase enough product for your entire project in one order to ensure you have one colour across all areas. Sample Pots are poured from our existing stock which may be different to the batch we have when you eventually place your order. Batch variations are very fractional (minor). If you feel you have received the wrong colour in your order, do not use the product and contact us immediately.

How do I mix a colour to match?

You don’t need to be a colour master to mix colours that match your project. Here are our top tips for success colour matching:

  • Start with the right base colour and a Colour Adjustment Kit
  • Add one drop at a time – especially when adding black
  • Test your colour in an inconspicuous place. If it’s not correct, clean it off and try again – even the pros do this!
  • Colours are lighter when wet and darker when dry so always dry off your test patch before proceeding
  • Mix enough colour to complete your job so that you don’t have to mix twice which can result in slightly different shades
I have a question. Who can help me?

Leather Hero. We really love to see successful DIY jobs so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support . Contact Us

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