Customer Before & Afters

Just look at these incredible customer jobs. We mixed the colour to their specifications or they ordered a colour from our extensive range, supplied instructions and the right products for their leather. Then, we were on standby to support them if needed. You can do this too! And when you do, don’t forget to send us your Before & Afters.

Let’s get it done. Send your questions and photos to or call us on 0490 796 01. We’re here to help.



“I’m thrilled with the result” Keri, NSW

This colour was custom mixed to the clients specifications. It is similar to ‘Aniline Ember‘ in the colour chart

“Thanks … for all your advice on how I could restore my badly faded aniline leather coach. After a good clean followed by the Dye#29 and a final coat of Restoration Cream#32, both of which you colour matched, gave me a perfect result. The couch is now back to its original colour looking almost good as new”   David O, WA

This colour was custom mixed to the clients specifications. It is a little darker than ‘Aniline Ember’ and somewhat lighter than ‘Aniline Cedar’ in the colour chart.

“I finally got around to doing my steering wheel. I think it looks amazing considering this is the first time I’ve had anything to do with leather(except wearing it). I’m so impressed with myself that I want to do the rest of it now” Lindsay B, NSW

This colour was custom mixed to the clients specifications.

“Amazing….very rewarding” Mario, NSW

This job was completed using an Aniline Dye & Colour Restoration Kit in the colour is ‘Aniline Ember’.

“It’s given it a totally new life! My husband is really happy with it! He was skeptical to start.” Nikki, NSW

This job was completed using 2 x Large Repair Kits – The Works using the colour Smoke and Matte finish topcoat.

“Thanks heaps – I love this jacket but have been annoyed at the fading for years…Really appreciate such a great product :)” Kat C

Kat used Black Jacket Reviver Kit to correct the fading on her jacket.

“So happy with the results. Everyone thought I was mad when they saw the lounge I wanted to restore but now they can’t belive how good it looks. I’ll be doing another one soon” Steve T, NSW

A Large Repair Kit in Aniline Ember and topcoat Satin was used on this job.

“I’m so pleased with it. The dull grey worn areas and the spots and stains have gone” Malcolm, NSW

This aniline lounge was somewhat marked and faded yet the leather was still in great condition making it perfect for colour restoration.

“I am absolutely delighted with the result. Our 32 year old lounge looks loved again 😊I have just ordered the care pack to keep  it looking good” Debra, NSW

This 35-year-old sofa was given a facelift using a 50:50 blend of Aniline Cedar and Aniline Chesterfield.

“I finally had the time to work on my vintage chanel camera bag. The bag was faded and had significant damage to the piping when I purchased the bag from an online Japanese vintage store. 

I used your Black Leather Reviver Kit to restore the colour and your Leather Hero leather Filler and Glue to fix the piping. Note: I had been quoted up to $400 to have the bag restored by various bag spas. 

I think it’s a superb result, I am very happy with the final outcome using your products. Will keep coming back for more” Nikki, QLD

“Finished result. Very pleased thankyou. It was 60 years old with all the wear and tear. Thank you…” Ann, VIC

This treasured old jewellery box was given a beautiful make-over to preserve family memories. A Mini Repair Kit is ideal for a project of this size.

“We are so super pleased with the outcome and love the colour!….. I am recommending (Leather Hero) to everyone!” Melissa, NSW

Thinking outside the square, Melissa created her own colour then completely transformed her lounge into a unique statement piece whilst also rectifying a myriad of surface imperfections. 2 x Large Repair Kits were used on this job.

“I am so happy with the end result…It looks almost new. Impressed” Christine

An Aniline Dye & Colour Restoration Kit in the colour Aniline Tobacco was used to complete this job.