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Should I buy a used leather lounge?

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Buying a used leather lounge

There are a few things to consider before buying a used leather lounge. In this article, we discuss what to know and what to look for when buying a used leather lounge. We look at viable leather lounge repairs, when to walk away and how a leather repair kit can help you achieve the lounge of your dreams.

You’re at a garage sale or maybe you’ve spent weeks searching online and you think you’ve finally found the one; a second-hand leather couch that looks just right. Although it’s used, the style is perfect and the price is right; actually, it’s better than that, it’s a bargain. You’re excited. But wait, before you pull out your wallet or click ‘Buy Now’, let’s pause a moment. Should you buy such a significant piece of furniture for your home in used condition? Could this bargain pick-up turn into a sad tale of bulky proportions and strategically placed throw rugs covering unsightly problems? Whilst there’s no definitive answer to this question, you are wise to consider a few things before inviting a couch with mileage into your living room.

There are pros and cons and important things to look for. If all the pros are in your favour and the cons are minimal or manageable, then buying a second-hand couch can prove a sound investment.

Why consider buying a used leather lounge?

Before we get into assessing the lounge itself, let’s consider the reasons people choose used over new. There’s one great reason you might be motivated to pursue pre-loved furniture and that’s your love of the planet. Visit any municipal garbage tip and you’ll see the perpetual motion of waste coming in, being crushed, compressed and buried. You’ll quickly get a sense of the vast volume of furniture waste that’s stuffed into landfill each day. So, recycling is as a good a reason as any to buy a second-hand lounge.

Another reason may be your preference for beautiful old things. The piece that catches your eye might be vintage, designer, antique or simply a rare find; a quirky model you just don’t see in the shops anymore. These gems can be hard to find so it’s important to know what to look for when you do.

A passion for DIY might be the thing that inspires your used couch purchase. Some of us just love the challenge of reviving discarded trash into bragworthy treasure. A good DIY leather repair kit can make it easy to achieve amazing results.

Lastly, a limited budget can be a non-negotiable reality and the creative mother of invention. Respectable savings can be made by choosing a leather fixer-upper rather than paying department store prices.

Questions to consider before buying a used leather lounge

So, let’s take a look at that couch and run it through its paces. Start with these questions: Is it a good price? Are the size and style almost or exactly what you prefer? Is the internal frame solid? Do the springs, foam and padding still offer comfort? Is the leather of good quality and in restorable condition? What will a new lounge cost? What will a leather lounge repair or a leather repair kit cost?

The checklist is long, but before you buy is the time to discover and make plans to correct any flaws. If it doesn’t offer comfort, doesn’t fit your space, creaks, has large areas of damage or is made from low-grade leather and you don’t want the expense of full re-upholstery, it’s best to move on. If you are looking for long-term service from the couch, you might want to avoid man-made leathers such as bi-cast, bonded, faux leather and vinyl. They do not stack up well when measured on aesthetics, touch and longevity and are therefore a cheaper, short-term proposition not likely to perform well as a second-hand purchase. And, they’ll be landfill much sooner than their leather counterparts.

Assessment for buying a used leather lounge

For the right piece, your decision really comes down to your assessment of the overall condition and the cost of restoration.

Small scratches, scuffs, dirt, grime, small holes, bleached patches and pen marks are generally easily fixed. With a leather repair kit and some care and attention, you can have your used couch looking the part in no time at all. Look for quality products then follow the instructions to ensure a satisfying result.

Worn armrests, small stains and faded patches can also be cost-effectively restored. Even cat scratches and small rips can usually be corrected.  However, if the lounge has large greasy patches or large rips, the cost of repairs can increase. Consider the location of the repair site. Is the rip on a seat cushion or on a rear panel? Leather lounge repairs to low traffic areas that are protected from everyday wear and tear such as a rear panel positioned against a wall should last, whereas repairs to high traffic areas such as seat cushions may not last as long.

DIY or professional services

A factor that may impact the viability of your purchase is who undertakes the restoration of your second-hand couch. If you love a DIY project you can save a bundle by doing your own leather lounge repairs on the service fees of professionals. If not, you will likely find that even an extensive professional makeover costs less than a new lounge of the same quality.

Imagine your prospective buy is a virtually new, one owner, only sat on after church on Sunday, perfect in every way lounge – except for the colour. Changing the colour of a pigmented lounge is possible and great results can be achieved with the right products. If you decide to do it yourself, block out a weekend and give the task the time and attention it deserves. Leather Hero has an extensive range of mixable colours, a custom colour mixing service and restoration products in bulk volumes to help you get the job done. The large leather repair kit is a great place to start. You will be astonished by the rejuvenating impact of fresh colour and how cheaply it can be achieved.

Like all second-hand buying decisions, it pays to do your research, know the market and know what has to be done to get the piece up to standard. That way, when you see the one, you can buy with confidence. You’ll have a great DIY story to brag about and a gorgeous lounge you love and love to show off.