Care Kits

“Your product is fantastic. My gorgeous Sisley leather coat looks like near new condition. I ordered another bottle this morning. Very happy” Annette V, Collaroy

No matter what type of leather you have, regular care keeps it looking its best and will help it to last 3 times longer. What is regular care? It’s a quick and easy 3 step process;

  1. Clean – Remove the dirt you can see and the dirt you can’t. Perspiration, body oil and soiling are the greatest threats to your valuable leather
  2. Condition – Replenish moisture to maintain a soft and supple feel and to help prevent drying and cracking
  3. Protect – Apply an invisible, breathable barrier that repels dirt making cleaning easier and helping to minimise the risk of stains

It is far cheaper to care for leather than to neglect it.